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Forget Me Not Lapel Pin (Silver)

Embodying quiet elegance, this silver-plated Masonic lapel pin displays the cherished Forget-Me-Not flower, a symbol steeped in history and cherished among Freemasons. Its subtle design allows it to blend seamlessly with any outfit, adding an exquisite touch of Masonic significance to your everyday look.

As a conversation piece, it not only reflects your pride in Masonry but also prompts intriguing discussions about the symbolic meaning behind the Forget-Me-Not flower. Wear this pin as a subtle emblem of fraternity, remembrance, and enduring brotherhood. A must-have accessory for any discerning Mason.


  • Measures: 3/8" Height x 3/8" Width
  • Finish: Silver Plating with Blue Hard Enamel

*  All weights and measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from the listed information.